Sustainable Societies Consulting Group

Environmental & Community Sustainability and Wellbeing.

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Sustainable Societies Consulting Group

Environmental & Community Sustainability and Wellbeing.

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SSCG is a community consulting company focused on social and environmental sustainability. We are passionate about facilitating cohesive, just, and inclusive communities within healthy and thriving environments.

As a Certified B Corporation®, we meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We are dedicated to working with clients who are champions of one or more of our three core values:

Community Wellbeing

We support communities, organizations, and businesses in their efforts towards social justice and community wellbeing.

Environmental Sustainability

We support communities, organizations, and businesses in their efforts towards environmental justice, sustainability, and wellbeing.

Health Equity & Inclusion

We support communities, organizations, and businesses in their efforts towards attaining equity and inclusion.



    We conduct quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods research and evaluations for your organization to make strategic decisions and take evidence-based action. Based on your organization’s or community’s needs, we are highly experienced with participatory-based and culturally-appropriate approaches to research and evaluation.


    We help your organization create effective strategic plans with clear and measurable goals.


    We help your organization build internal capacity to address complex social and environmental problems through developing and facilitating online, video-based, and/or in-person trainings.


    Through helping you build strategic partnerships and collaborations and facilitating open and engaging organizational and community dialogues based on tried and true best practices, we help you solve complex social and environmental problems.


    We design and develop engaging, user-friendly, and accessible websites and apps, write reports and publications, and plan and organize conferences and symposiums to enable your organization to connect with your communities and clients.


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Elin Moorlag Silk

Senior Research & Evaluation Consultant


Jackson Smith

Health Systems & Knowledge Mobilization Consultant


Sarah Brown

Senior Consultant


Devon Fernandes

Environmental Sustainability Research Intern


Jeyagobi (Gobi) Jeyaratnam

Health Equity Consultant


Audrey Monette

Crime Prevention Consultant


Felix Munger

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant


Darren Thomas

Indigenous Advisor


Manuel Riemer

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor



“Felix brings to the area of prevention not only strong subject matter knowledge and practical experience but above all a passion for moving our collective efforts upstream. While the crime prevention council is no stranger to prevention planning Felix brought a whole new clarity to our collective ability to impact community safety and well-being through focusing on what works to prevent harm before it happens. His style of facilitation very much lends itself to fostering open dialogue and maximum engagement while ensuring that one stays grounded in good evidence and doesn’t lose sight of the need to have some fun.”
– Christiane Saddler
Executive Director,
Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

“SSCG delivered a wonderful and engaging Strategic Planning process for our board and staff that we will now use as our road map for the next five years. Felix and staff are a delight to work with, we highly recommend SSCG whether you are a not for profit or a major corporation, they are well skilled and great to work with.”
– Gael Gilbert
Executive Director,
Supportive Housing of Waterloo

“The David Suzuki Foundation greatly benefited from the expertise of Sustainable Societies Consulting Group. Their research and evaluation methodologies provided key insights into our community engagement strategies as well as direction for future campaigns. Manuel and his team are highly collaborative and deeply committed to supporting the work of social change organizations.”
– Aryne Sheppard,
Senior Public Engagement,
David Suzuki Foundation

“Feedback from the community is an important way for rare to learn about needs and to create and deliver quality environmental education programs. Felix took a thoughtful and clear approach in improving our online feedback surveys, allowing us to get the best information possible to help us evaluate our programs. The outcome provided rare with an effective and concise way to interact with parents and receive their input based on their children’s experiences at our ECO Camps. Since the improvement, we have seen an increase in willingness to complete online surveys which allows us to easily collect the information and use it efficiently to make our programs more successful. We would be pleased to work with Felix again!”
– Stephanie Sobek-Swant
Executive Director,
rare Charitable Research Reserve

“Our 2-day symposium was very well received and provided very valuable outcomes, in large part because we had Felix and SSCG on board. Despite having a large group made up of diverse backgrounds and expertise, Felix was in tune with their motivations and found methods for engaging this wide variety of participants. He added an enthusiastic presence that set a comfortable, fun, and open tone to the discussions, while maintaining ability to accommodate the changing needs of the event. This environment of trust and flexibility allowed us to get into deeper, more meaningful discussions. We would be excited to work with SSCG again!”
– Allan Taylor
Program Development Manager,
Sustainable Waterloo Region

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to send this off to my committee. The work and care that’s gone into this site, FloodSmart Canada, is beyond what I expected, and I’m so pleased with the product.”
– Shawna Peddle
Partners for Action – University of Waterloo