We like to get to the wisdom of groups and bring it together with current research and promising practice, all with the goal of mobilizing communities to affect lasting impacts.

As a social enterprise, we at SSCG are pioneers in defining complex needs and collaborating with diverse stakeholders.  This also means we get to live our values every single day – our profits are reinvested into community and sustainability driven projects.

With our network, expertise, and capacity for collaborating with clients, we look forward to helping your organization (government, non-profit, or business) achieve its goals.  In fact, we thrive in it!  We respect clients as our team members and value the engagement of stakeholders to deliver evidence-based solutions. Our integrity, transparency and values help define the scope of what we offer.

Knowledge Mobilization



Using feedback, rapid evaluation, and other creative and collaborative learning to apply research to action for social and environmental sustainability.





We work hard at SSCG to innovate ways to reduce the impact of our business operations and offsetting the use of resources, with a goal of carbon neutrality.





Bringing SSCG and our stakeholders’ values to life by reinvesting our profit into social project and subsidized services to make them accessible to clients with all budget levels.