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Culture of Sustainability: Innovating Sustainable Behaviour Change

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We are very excited to announce that Manuel Riemer, co-founder of Sustainable Societies Consulting Group and Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, has been awarded a grant of nearly 1 million dollars for a five-year project focused on facilitating sustainable behaviour change by fostering a culture of sustainability in green buildings.

The project, involving a partnership between Viessmann Centre for Engagement and Research in Sustainability (VERiS) at Laurier (the research centre that Manuel directs), Sustainable Waterloo Region, and Sustainable Societies Consulting Group, among others, will develop best practice for engaging inhabitants of green buildings in sustainable behaviours, which will be based in evolv1, a LEED Platinum and net positive energy multi-tenant office building based in Waterloo.

As a social enterprise focused on the wellbeing of individuals and the environment, we are excited to support this project with the tremendous expertise of our team in environmental sustainability, organizational culture and behaviour change, and implementation and outcome evaluation.

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